The best way to help your university is to donate directly to students
Help them focus on studying and graduating
The system did not recognize them as eligible for merit or need-based scholarship.
We are receiving students’ applications at the moment.
If you’re a student, schedule a call.
Сan't pay for housing and meal plan from a previous semester
Future psychologist
Amaya J
Struggles to pay off her debt after receiving her undergraduate education.
Future financial and information systems professional
Taylor K
Needs to pay exam fees, laboratory fees, etc.
Future pediatrician
Mary M
Student’s ID and enrollment status verification and Students Clearing House confirm students’ identity and enrollment status.

Detailed information regarding students' financial aid awards and rejections is included.

Donating on DoughBear is simple and secure!
Simple way to help
Choose a student, pick up a bill
You can choose a student based on location, school, background information, or needed amount.
If you need more information before you make a decision, you can request a call or send a message to a student
Students receive funds, you receive gratitude
Funds will be delivered to students’ DoughBear cards. Upon completion of the donation, you will receive a thank you video.

DoughBear cards are limited only to requested purchases.
who received help
Mary M
Future pediatrician
Mary's Lab Fees were covered for the entire semester.
or donate even now!
We operate manually while building a fully automated platform. If you are an alumnus eager to make donations at his stage, kindly schedule a meeting with us. Or just leave your email to stay updated.
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