Is your student account sufficient to cover it all?
In most cases, financial aid can’t cover everything. More than 60% of students who received financial aid still struggle, risking to end up, as nothing else, but a drop-out statistic.
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If you are on the way to getting your degree but wrestle with tuition, books, or anything else that’s adding to your college bill, apply here and get a chance to receive a personal gift funded by alumni
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What did you perform to overcome struggles to date? Which schoarships pr grants youve applied for? How high is total debt of yours? Is your student bill huge?
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We strive to resolve an issue everybody knows, but nothing significant was yet done about it. More than 60% of students have their college bills uncovered, even with $11 bn donated annually by alumni to universities, and that is only 20% of donations universities receive. We intend to make donations transparent throughout a personalized decision-making process.
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Once you've got all the details, please apply by filling up the form above. It won't take much time and effort, but we're here to help you if needed.
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We will create your personal page on Dough Bear based on the information provided. Once it's done, we will set up a call with you to discuss it and publish it afterward.
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Alumni will review your page once it's published. If you carefully followed the application guide, chances are alumni will decide to commit to donating to you.
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We are open to your questions and will be delighted to hear your story.
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