About us
Vova and Gena were working at Mighty Buildings, one of the top 100 Y Combinator companies, where ongoing product discovery is a part of the corporate culture. Milos, on the other hand, worked for U.S. Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia for over a decade. He was, directly and indirectly, involved in many charities over the years.
This year we stumbled upon the huge problem students are facing in colleges and universities across the country. We started digging with tools like Survey Monkey and such, trying to understand the big picture. It turned out that at least 40% of students in the US are struggling to pay their bills despite the fact that more than 50 billion is donated annually to universities. Moreover, a significant part of students who can’t keep up with bills will drop out, left with debt and no degree. Quite a picture.

Americans donate an immense amount to universities each year and this process is attached to universities to a great extent. It’s not transparent and personal at all, and students are on the margins. As non-Americans, we have a chance to look at this from a different perspective. We want to build a 100% transparent and personal process of helping students who are in need.

So, we built a pilot version. We hand-picked students and put them on the list. We checked if they are attending school at the moment and asked them to be ready to provide any paperwork on a request from a potential supporter. We talked to alumni and asked them if they are willing to help. We don’t interfere anyhow in transactions.

We are at the captivating stage, where millions of students could get some help in their attempts to receive a degree.
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